The Biggest Time Waster on the Web…

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You could say endless google searches, repeated email checking, or even blogging can be big time wasters on the web (I would have to disagree with that third one!). But you probably already do all of those really well already so why not become aware of another one?

Andcon Arcade provides thousands of ways to waste your precious time.

After spending a few hours there come back and inform us which games are best to waste our time on.

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  1. Do we really need another time waster on the Web? It’s amazing that anybody gets anything productive done.

    Besides, I can’t go there. I’m so weak that I became addicted to the insipid little Solitaire game that came with Windows. I had to go through a twelve step program to ween myself off slowly so the withdrawal symptoms wouldn’t kill me. Then I had to strip Solitaire off my computer to prevent me slipping back into my Solitaire-junky ways. Now, when it comes to computer-based games, I just say no. I’m clean and I plan to stay that way.

  2. I wish you all could see Matthew play Minesweeper. It’s an experience! Do you still spend any time honing your skills on that game, Matthew? Does Missy know about that skill?

  3. Online games have been expanding like nothing on the Internet.
    Many new online gaming sites have come up.
    Even I’m a big sucker of online games. They are susually easy on systems, have a light theme and can be interesting without getting addictive.

    Some of the latest that I came across are from Zapak is promising to give away free cash to the people who play one of the 30 cash games. (Not cash prizes for winning the game, but to anyone who plays the game) . Just loved the way they have structured the games in this category.

    Here is the link

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