The Elf Meets the Grinch

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Four years ago my roommate at Harding Graduate School and fellow author of our parody “Days of Elisha“, won a radio call in contest for free tickets to a screening of the movie “Elf“. He didn’t have time to pick up his tickets. So he asked me if I would get them. I went downtown to the radio station and got there just before they closed. They were locking the doors and I barely made it in to get the two tickets. Realizing they were closing down that office for the night and noticing the HUGE stack of left over Elf tickets I asked what was going to happen to them. They were going to throw them away. Picturing all those families on campus at Harding that would love to take their kids to a free movie I asked if I could have the rest of them. They gave me several dozen tickets. I was ecstatic! It was like Christmas day as I went door to door giving out dozens of tickets to every person I could find: men, women, children, faculty, staff…anyone I could find. They were all very excited too! I had such a great feeling that evening feeling that I had done something really good. I was going to get a good night’s rest having done such a noble deed.

When Paul got home that night from his date he told me some bad news. Apparently in these contests they give out far more tickets than there are seats in the theater and it is on a first come first served basis! He got there a few minutes early and didn’t get it! I was stunned. I imagined all the countless families that probably got let down and after the struggle of getting all those kids ready had toted them downtown to see a movie on a cold night only to be turned away. Apparently my nightmare was true and none of those families made it in the movie but to those parent’s credit no one ever said a word to me about it.

So if any of you who got turned away from that movie are reading this here is a short clip that is sure to make you smile!

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