Upcoming Posts

Here are a couple of upcoming posts: – The Prodigal Son (Luke 15) – Why Did the NIV “delete” verses in the New Testament? – Jesus, the Prophet Like Moses in the Gospel of John – 5 Principles of Leadership from Leadership Without Easy Answers

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Just in case any of you do facebook I have started up a page over there to reconnect with old friends. Feel free to say hi or send an invite or whatever you feel like doing.

What Are You Afraid Of?

Have you ever thought about the devastating effects fear can have on our lives? Fear of the unknown, of change, or even fear of what toys our children play with. If you can name it there is probably a way to be afraid of it. Just to give you a sample of how many different […]

Two Other Must Read Posts

The first is by Mike Cope about Laughing in Worship. Funny and touching all at once. The second is funny in a different  kind of way by Keith Brenton on Adding to Scripture.

Beware of This Movie – Paul Davis

I received an email from Paul making me aware of his post on the Golden Compass. By his request, I am going to post the content here as well. I really appreciate what he has to say and think it warrants some discussion rather than sticking our heads in the sand. Paul’s post has generated […]