What Do You Wonder About?

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Here are a few things I wonder about.

1) When they say there is a 50% chance of rain does that mean that 50% of the viewing area or that any given area in the viewing area has a 50% chance of getting some rain that day? I just find it amusing when they say it is a 50% chance of rain and it is pouring at my house when they report it.

2)  How does my car get the temperature outside when the sensor appears to be on my dashboar? If the thermometer is external, how does the engine and sun-warmed sheet metal not mess it up?

3) 75% of the times in rains at our house it is on our neighbor’s yard but not on ours. Are we under some sort of biblical curse?

4) When did Jesus realize who he was? He was fully human and fully divine. I would imagine his thoughts were developmentally limited to what a normal infant or child could think about, yet he was God….

5) What language will we speak in heaven or will we all just hear each other in our own language? (See here and here for some thoughts)

6)  How do the same type of birds know to flock together? Surely they don’t realize what they themselves look like. It must be their call.

7) Why did my wife buy Halloween candy she knows I don’t like? Hmmm……

I could go on but I will spare you. What do you wonder about?

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