What Do You Wonder About?

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Here are a few things I wonder about.

1) When they say there is a 50% chance of rain does that mean that 50% of the viewing area or that any given area in the viewing area has a 50% chance of getting some rain that day? I just find it amusing when they say it is a 50% chance of rain and it is pouring at my house when they report it.

2)  How does my car get the temperature outside when the sensor appears to be on my dashboar? If the thermometer is external, how does the engine and sun-warmed sheet metal not mess it up?

3) 75% of the times in rains at our house it is on our neighbor’s yard but not on ours. Are we under some sort of biblical curse?

4) When did Jesus realize who he was? He was fully human and fully divine. I would imagine his thoughts were developmentally limited to what a normal infant or child could think about, yet he was God….

5) What language will we speak in heaven or will we all just hear each other in our own language? (See here and here for some thoughts)

6)  How do the same type of birds know to flock together? Surely they don’t realize what they themselves look like. It must be their call.

7) Why did my wife buy Halloween candy she knows I don’t like? Hmmm……

I could go on but I will spare you. What do you wonder about?

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  1. Easy answer to #7 — she buys what SHE likes so YOU won’t eat it!! At least that’s what I do. (o; Just kidding. Actually, I try to buy one bag of something my husband & I both like & the rest is stuff neither of us like, so we WON’T eat it before Halloween even gets here!

  2. This is interesting, and probably my favorite post actually because I wonder many things…

    1) What would a person from the year 1745 think of the year 2007?

    2) Why did God create mosquitos?

    3) Why is Jesus at the right hand of the Father, and not the left?

    4) Are there spiders in Heaven?

    5) Why is being poor so expensive? For example, why do they charge you an overdraft fee when you obviously didn’t have enough money to begin with?

    6) When did someone first look at a snail, and think, “mmm, with a little garlic, that would taste good” ?

    7) If the earth was originally just trees, dirt, rocks, and water, where did all of this stuff come from? I mean, look around you right now. How did nothing turn into everything we have now? It blows my mind!

    Well, I could also go on, but my brain hurts now. I like your #4 Matt. I was wondering that the other day that same thing. I thought also about when did other people start realizing that He wasn’t like everyone else? I mean didn’t an aunt or uncle surely say to His parents, “Um, your kid is like…really good. Like…perfect.”

    Well, if anyone has any answers to my questions please let me know!

  3. Matt,

    #1 Your first surmise is correct. 50% chance means 50% of the listening or viewing area–which means that you, according to their prediciton, have a 50% chance of being in the part where it will rain.

    Justin Jordan,

    #3 In the Bible the right hand is the seat of authority. When we say “at the right hand of the Father” we are metaphorically saying that God’s authority resides in Jesus.

    #4 I hope so.

    I WONDER. . .

    1. Why does God heal some people as a response to prayer but not others?

    2. Why do several bad things happen at once instead of being spaced out over time?

    3. Why do men have nipples?

    4. Why does a certain traffic light in my town allow only two cars to turn left?

    5. Why do doctors and nurses ask how “we” are feeling today?

    6. Why do some people insist on the KJV when it was a new and updated English translation in its day?

    7. Why do some people disallow church music written 5 years ago but love church music written 105 years ago, since that music was just as new then as the contemporary music is now?

    8. Why do Christians spend so much time arguing about minor issues like Bible translations and worship music and so little time preaching the gospel and caring for the needy?

    9. If a product has been advertised as the absolute best, then how can it become new and improved?

    10. Why do prices always have $0.99 in them, when we all round up the price in our minds anyway?

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