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Jim Miller points to a couple of links concerning a 7 year old preacher. I wonder if maybe we should publish a Nursery Rhyme version of “A Little Exercise for Young Theologians” by Helmut Thielike. In it Thielike warns against those whose theology has outgrown their experience. I applaud parents who want their children to grow up to love God but I don’t think we have to take advantage of children for that to happen. This reminds me of Mark Adams’ recent post on Misquoting the Bible.

(HT: John Dobbs for point this one out.)

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  1. We want our children to love the Lord, our God with all their heart, souls, and minds, but this is tooooo much tooo young…I belive that is why Jesus said that we must be like children to enter the kingdom of heaven becasuse as a general rule, children are loving and accepting of all people where they are and willing to learn and grow with them…not JUDGE and CONDEMN. Praise the Lord! We don’t have to be the judge!

  2. Those that criticize the ministries of children have NOT studied out the children that God used in the Bible and have not studied the successful ministries of Child & Teen Preachers. History and the Bible proves that God has used children and teens and the prophecies of the Bible also predicts that God will raise up and use children.

    Check out my website to see some famous Preachers that were called and used as children. and www.

    Your opinion doesn’t count but History and the Bible does.


    T J Lavigne

  3. Many of the readers here are well studied of children that God used in the Bible. Many have probably not studied the successful ministries of child preachers. Many have seen video of 5 year olds who are imitating their parents preaching, going into convulsions, and all sorts of other imitative behavior. Let me know where the Bible predicts that God will raise up and use children in a prophesy that has not already taken place.

    Do you think ALL child preachers are doing what is appropriate for them to do at age 5+? Sorry to ask for your opinion.

  4. whatever God chooses to do goes over the human minds of man anyhow. If people think this is foolish the bible says the foolishness of God is wiser than man’s wisdom. Read the scriptures about what God says about his wisdom and man’s wisdom. Check it out for yourself.

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