Adam & Eve Flashdrives by Gresso

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Just when you thought you had everything…try dropping $1000 on the nifty new Adam and Eve flashdrives. Am I really this out of it or is that not totally insane? Shouldn’t the apple have at least two bites out of it and don’t they know apples don’t grow in Iraq…(HT to Gizmodo for this one)

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  1. Two bites: It’s about iconograpy; It wouldn’t be as recognizable as an apple with two bites out of it.

    Apples in Iraq: The same kind of thing. People “recognize” an apple as “the forbidden fruit”, whether or not it’s valid. It’s a symbol.

    Since we don’t know what the fruit really was, it’s as good a symbol as any. Ever tried to draw a recognizable, somewhat stylized, picture of a pomegranate?

  2. Matt, I found that sermon by Lowry. It’s in Michael Graves’ book, The Sermon as Symphony, chapter 4. The chapter is about preaching parables and how to approach them as a literary type.

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