We’re Committed!

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“We’re Committed!” Those were the words I said as the refrigerator laden dolly went down the ramp and onto the driveway. My hand happened to be the one that was holding onto the dolly and my arm happened to be the thing that was carrying the weight of the dolly. Needless to say, I have quite a large bruise on my arm from the squishing effect of the fridge against my arm. [I will post a picture when I get a chance.] As we crossed the top of the ramp off the back of the truck. I knew there was no turning back. I warned those below not to stop. We were committed.

I think there is a spiritual application in there some where. We need to understand our mission and once we start down the ramp there is no turning back. We are called to action. We are called to commitment. To let go of the handle and see the whole thing come crashing down is just not an option. Good thing for us, when we drop it, there is someone stronger than ourselves to catch it. Praise God that He is full of grace and mercy. The mission we grasp can either pull us or it can crush us. We can go with it or resist it but one way or another, with us or without us, it is going to make it down the ramp.  Let us all be encouraged to be committed and to stay the course. Don’t let go. Push forward. Live the mission.

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