Odds and Ends – Cleaning Out the Old Draft Bin

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I have a bunch of drafts sitting waiting to be finished so I thought I would toss out a line or two on some of them and go ahead and delete them. So here goes…

  1. The Resurrection Body: Does 1 John 3:2 mean we will have the same kind of post resurrection body Christ did or that “we will be like him” in the sense that he had new life beyond the grave? John 20:17 – Jesus was touchable following the resurrection. 1 Cor 15 says we will be clothed with the imperishable. I am a little baffled on this one because 1 John 3:2 also says, “what we will be has not yet been made known.” I just don’t see how you can argue for anything (resurrection body or purely spiritual body) when John wasn’t even certain!
  2. Paradigm Issues Facing the Church Dealing with the Bible Honestly: I think we often make up our minds before we read scripture rather than the other way around. If we find something that contradicts what we have always thought we bend the Bible around self rather than self around the Bible. Let’s not be afraid of what we find in scripture. Let’s also not be afraid to let scripture find us and change us as well.
  3. Lifting Hands: Just because it makes you uncomfortable doesn’t make it wrong. I am sure Peter was a little uncomfortable walking into Cornelius’ house but I am sure glad he did!
  4. Fear – Anxiety – Control – Perfectionism: Fear is the root of anxiety which is often countered by a desire for control that manifests itself through perfectionistic tendencies. God tells us not to be afraid. How is this to happen? By putting him in control because he is the only one who is perfect.

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  1. Matt,

    Good thoughts I wish you’d finish a couple of them. I do feel your pain.

    I’ve got about a million drafts of things I’ve started, but never finished. I’m not a good finisher. I have sermons that I’ve started that aren’t finished. I have books I’ve started, but never finished. Wish I new why I’m not a good finisher. I’m sure someday in heaven that Moses will walk by and everyone will yell, “Moses, I’ve read all your books.” I’ll probably say, “Moses, I started them!”

  2. I have never been one to lift hands in worship. I think I would have a hard time doing that without feeling like it was about drawing attention to myself. But I am sure people more humble than myself can do it just fine. I think it is healthy to realize there are some things that can make you uncomfortable that are totally fine. Like a colonoscopy for instance 🙂

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