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I am putting together a class on Euthanasia and Abortion in our series on Christ and Culture. I wanted to pass on a couple of interesting links:

Euthanasia – A Christian Response (a great resource with FAQs, history, and helpful links)

Nurse’s Participation in Nazi Euthanasia Programs – This one shows the progression from killing babies to mentally retarded children, on to adults and finally the concentration camps. There was apparently a book written in 1920 called “Permitting the Destruction of Life Not Worthy of Life” that was pro-euthanasia and eventually turned into an impetus for the concentration camp killings.

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  1. I think you’re approaching it the right way. Euthanasia and Abortion are two sides of the same coin. It all gets down to that principle that I am not my own, but I was bought at a price. My body is not mine to simply do what I want with it. I must honor God with it. (My humble opinion) Glad you’re helping people process some of these tough issues.

    Mark <

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