What Do We Need to Spend More Time On?

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What do you think has been left out of most pulpits and Bible classes for too long. What do you think we have covered enough times that you are still hearing those sermons in your sleep at night?

Need more:

  • Grace – without being afraid that we are helping people sin more
  • Christ – without watering him down so much that nearly everyone on earth looks like a devoted disciple
  • Discipleship – without being afraid to run people off because of demands on their life
  • Leadership – without being afraid to talk about how women were viewed and what they did in the early church and without thinking that passing a tray is leadership
  • Community – Iron can only sharpen iron if the two pieces touch. I am not talking about the 5-15 minutes between Bible class and church.
  • Giving – without being afraid we sound like the church across the street. We have avoided it so long people are missing out on a blessing.

Need less:

  • Dogmatism – over the wrong issues
  • Legalism – need I say more?
  • Pet issues – get away from the favorite pet issue or texts and broaden our appreciation for more diverse texts
  • Negativity – less putting down of the church and more exhorting and building up of others

What would you add?

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