Does Camel Hair Come in Large?

Scripture is full of all sorts of characters. The ones who are totally unlike us remind us that sometimes our faith needs to pushed out a little further, that we need to be a little more extreme, a little more holy and other. The ones like us remind us that God can use us too. So where is the balance? How do we challenging our faith by the example of the guys wearing camel’s hair suits and eating locusts and wild honey yet still remain true to our own talents and abilities and who God made us to be?

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  1. sista cala says:

    I need that camel hair in a ladies 3XL, please. lol.
    There was probably some practical reason that he dressed in leather and camel hair. It served the purpose of clothing, to cover the body. That must have been enough for John.

    That’s the part I need to learn. If you are saved and have the necessities of life what else do you need? God does not seek a polished vessel, just a clean one. He will smooth the rough edges.

    Wearing camel’s hair for awhile would certainly make me more appreciative of what I have.

  2. Bob says:

    Interesting. Needs to simmer a while.

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