Mark Schultz 4th of July Concert

Letters From War-Mark Schultz music video

We heard Mark Schultz perform this on the 4th of July here in St. Pete. It was powerful. He told a story about how the Army wanted to use this song and the invitation he received to play at the Pentagon. He said that after the concert at the Pentagon a general came toward him and told him that he had been praying for 20+ years that God would be recognized at the Pentagon. Mark, I am glad God is using you in a mighty way!

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  1. rogueminister says:

    My mom told me that it was a great concert. I like that video a lot, but it makes me wonder what it would look like to see Iraqi soldiers, and British soldiers, and French soliers, and on and on, returning home to thier families as well. Perhaps our perspective as Christ followers should be a bit different, broader perhaps.

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