Happy Blogiversary to Me (1 Year)

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This past month marked one year since I started blogging. The comments have been outstanding, the posts mediocre πŸ™‚ and the switch to WordPress seamless. With nearly 1000 comments in the books and pushing 10,000 actual visits (page hits are meaningless I tell you!). I thought I would do a little promotional. Not that anyone has done anything like this before, but the person who hits number 10,000 will get something special from Amazon…an email of my amazon.com wishlist πŸ™‚ So go at it and see who can be lucky number 10,000! When I get to 1 million I promise the prizes will get better so get to clicking!

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  1. You got my curiosity up. I checked and I’m a month short of a year. I guess all of us ex-spurts started about the same time.

    Grace and peace,

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