Neutic, Herman (500 B.C. – 2007 A.D.)

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Herman Neutic was born amidst the Greek philosophers and Jewish rabbis in the centuries prior to the birth of Christ. While publicly very quiet and reserved, much was written about him in the two millennia since his birth. He has been surrounded by much controversy in the last two hundred years that ultimately resulted in his demise by post-modern asphyxiation. He is survived by four children: Historical-grammatical, Lexical-syntactical, Historical-cultural, and his youngest son New who are all apparently suffering the same ailment that led to their father’s death. Herman Neutic, dead at age 2507.
What impact have you seen on biblical interpretation due to the increasing influence of post-modernism? It seems to me that there are some really negative things and some really positive things coming from it. On the positive side, people are becoming more and more spiritually minded and more interested in the God behind the scriptures. On the negative side, people are becoming more and more open to anything that even hints at spirituality and less sure that there is a good interpretation of any given text. What do you think? Are we starting to see the death of biblical hermeneutics or a transition to something that could actually assist biblical interpretation for the better?

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