Murder of Jessie Davis and the Unborn

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News came out Saturday that the body of missing person, Jessie Davis, had been found. Jessie was 9 months pregnant and her boyfriend Bobby Cutts Jr has been arrested and charged with two counts of murder. One count is for Jessie and the other for her unborn child. These events have tragically unfolded before our eyes and her family is in our prayers as they deal with this great loss.

This story brings to light some inconsistencies regarding how society defines life. In this instance the death of the baby warrants a charge of murder. In other instances mothers choose to end the life of their babies and that is considered legal. Is life to be defined by the whim of the mother? How is one life different from another based on the opinion of the mother? How is it life in one instance and inhuman fetus in the other? I wonder if Cutts’ legal defense will try to wiggle out of the second charge of murder by saying that life begins at birth, the argument of many abortion rights activists and the green light for women to have abortions.

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  1. Our society dictates how laws are interpreted based on convience. I am terribly saddened by that situtaion and do consider it murder. I am extremely interested in seeing how the jury will interpret the law.

  2. Michael,

    I wholeheartedly agree. It should be interesting how this plays out and if it has any impact on the abortion debate. Thank you for your thoughts.

  3. Hey Matt,

    I always wonder the same thing. It’s kind of like if you ask someone, “Do you believe an unborn child should have legal rights?” They’ll say “Yes.” If you ask them, “Do you believe a woman has the right to make final decisions about her own health care?” They would also say “Yes”. I think most people haven’t really thought out how inconsistent their positions can be. I really hate the political dodge where a candidate says, “I’m against abortion, but believe it should be the mother’s choice.”

    These cases help bring our inconsistencies into light. Keep us updated! Hope all is going well for you,


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