Some Prayer Requests

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Please pray for one of our young couples. Within the last year they have gotten married and are now about to have their first child. The husband was just baptized last night and past his contractors exam Wednesday. Yesterday he was talking about all these major events all happening at once and he said this is the happiest he has been in his entire life. Please pray for him to have spiritual strength and be a spiritual leader for his wife.

Please pray for the Eddins family as they have lost both of their elderly parents over the last six weeks. The second funeral is this morning. Pray that it would open their eyes to return to God.

Please also pray for me as I talk with a counseling service here in St. Pete to discuss some options to evaluate their grant so they can continue to get funding from the Federal Government for the next five years to improve marriages in the surrounding counties.

Have a wonderful weekend and God bless you!

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  1. That last one really hits home with me. My mom lives in Largo and is currently going through a rough divorce. I pray a blessing over that meeting and the other requests as well. God is faithful!!!

  2. I got to spend some time this evening with our new brother. He is so excited about life. The funeral was beautiful and very touching. The meeting went great and I got contracted out to help them design their data collection instruments (fancy way of saying surveys) and analyze their outcome data. I am pretty excited about that.

    RM, Sorry your mome is going through a tough time. We are just down the road if she needs some support.

    God bless,


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