10 Blogging Time Savers

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There are a couple of things that can improve your blogging and make you so much more efficient with our time constricted schedules.

1) Google Reader – This is a tool by Google that allows you to get updates on your favorite blogs. Instead of having to click through each one of your bookmarks you use this and it only opens up the newest posts from your favorite blogs that you have not yet read. Talk about a time saver!

2) Del.icio.us – You may have read about this in the post a few days ago. This is a tool that allows you to catalogue/categorize your favorite blogs and websites and see who else is also watching those same blogs. Delicious even allows you to install a tool into your browser where you can bookmark things with just a click.

3) Blinklist – This application allows you to email a blog post or website to someone as well as make a collection similar to those above.

4) Furl.net – “Your Personal Webfile”

5) Digg – a website that allows you to vote on your favorite web content and see what else others have favorited.

6) StumbleUpon – A great way to discover new sites.

7) Technorati – A way to find out who has linked to you and a quick way to get your content visible.

8) Feedburner – A way for people to quickly and easily subscribe to your feed. What is a feed? See here. It is basically something that pulls the raw text from your blog and gives it to the reader without formatting to save money and to bring the reader more blogs and newer content.

9) Bloglines – Another way for people to read your feed.

10) Google Blog Search – Search for blog content here.

What other tools/applications have you found helpful?

add to del.icio.us :: Add to Blinkslist :: add to furl :: Digg it :: add to ma.gnolia

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add to simpy :: seed the vine ::

:: :: TailRank

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  1. if you use firefox as a browser any site like a blog that has an RSS feed shows up with a feed symbol in the address line and you can set it to whatever reader you use like bloglines. And then any site you are looking at and you want to subscribe all you do is one click on the symbol. I find that helpful.

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