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I have just added a new feature to the posts. At the bottom of each post you will see buttons that can add that post to a variety of social bookmarklets (, newsvine, etc). This will help you track helpful posts better. Of these, is probably my favorite. You can build a categorized blogroll through delicious that is extremely helpful. For the code on how to do this see the 9th comment here.
Some helpful links:

Adrian Warnock’s series on Atonement.
Mark Roberts on Doubting the Gospels. He has a new book out on the reliability of the gospels that sounds excellent.
Figure out if Bob Bliss is older than Taylor Hicks.
John Dobbs is back in the saddle after a trip to what some of our snow birds call “the holy land.” A place most of us call Tennessee.
Show Preacherman some love as he slows down.
Terry Rush walks like Jesus. Terry writes so much that is extremely good on a consistent basis.
Vatican’s 10 Commandments for Driving. Are these infallible? Which ones are most difficult for you?

Up next – More on Revelation

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