Falling in Love With Jesus

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How do you fall in love with someone you have never met in a way deeper and more meaningful than those you have spent your entire life with?

How can you fall in love with someone without conversation? Certainly we have his words and a record of actions that show he indeed first loved us. We have the avenue of prayer to have a conversation with him. Any good relationship must have communication.

How can you fall in love with someone you have never been present with? We have the promise of his presence. Any good relationship requires both sides to be present with each other and that doesn’t just mean in the same room. Present in location but also present in giving us his full attention and in our giving him our full attention and devotion.

How can you fall in love with someone who is solely focused on self? Christ shows us that he loves us more than himself and was willing to selflessly lay down his life for us. He calls us to carry our cross and lay down our lives for others and for him.

How have you fallen in love with Jesus? How has your desire to know and be known by Christ grown over the years?

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  1. Maybe we have to review what we think of when we think of love?

    When I think of Mother Teressa that is someone who inspires me and makes me question my commitment and pushes me to do more and be more like Jesus in my life.

    Would I say I love her? Probably not but is that because I don’t or because my definition of love is broken?

    Good question, thanks for asking.

  2. Nice new website. Got some great information on it. Got you all changed on my website….finally. We have been on the constant go at my house…hope you and your wife are doing great.

  3. I think the “falling in love” is not the problem. We have all been to a gospel meeting (do they still have those), or Bible camp or whatever and got that warm fuzzy spiritual infatuation feeling. Felt alot like puppy love. We recommitted our lives, resolved to read our Bibles, spend more time in prayer, etc. Falling in love is easy.
    Staying in love with Jesus requires the same thing staying in love with your spouse does. Spending time together, having similar focus and interests, communication, sometimes reminding ourselves of our first love—that reminder of why we love Him and what He has done for us and longing to be with Him, helps keep us in love.
    BTW, “falling” implies no choice, out of control. “staying” requires choice and conscious effort.


  4. Matt,
    As I read through the Scriptures and read statements such as two commands I give you, “Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, strenth. And the second is love your neighbor as your self.” God is love All men will know that you are my disciples if you love one another.” I love a statement made by Max Lucado, “Love is only love if chosen.” God allows us to choose to love Him or not. Like any relationship I choose to love God. I really believe that is what Christianity is all about. Loving God and out of that love rely on doing his will.
    Matt his is a wonderful post and a reminder for us all that God desires us to love Him. God bless you brother.

  5. Darin,

    Our definition of love can be heavily influenced by society and their use of it. Their use is often very shallow and all about self. That is not the love depicted in the Bible. We are certainly aliens and strangers here longing for a better home.


    Glad you stopped by. It is always good to hear from you!


    You always make the posts better by what you have to say. Thank you for doing that over and over again. Staying is certainly more important. Faithfulness implies staying power.


    Love is extremely important and not to be cheapened by what we see around us. Thanks for reminding us about the choice that is involved in our relationship with God. God bless you too!

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