Star Wars Spoof – George Lucas in Love

If you are a Star Wars fan or are even just familiar with Star Wars you will probably find this funny. This spoof shows how Lucas came up with various elements of the movie. It is long but worth every minute.

Breaking News from Gaza – Christians to Accept Islamic Law

See this story from WorldNetDaily. Our prayers go out to Christians around the world who are undergoing severe trials and obstacles to their faith. Our prayers also go out for Hamas and the other adversaries who misunderstand God’s people and abuse them. We pray for peace. :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: […]

America’s Perceptions of Christians – Breaking the Mold

There are so many agendas and so many people who try to define others that some times it is easy to forget who you really are. People think that if you are a Christian then there are specific things you believe politically. If you are a Christian you are expected to be a hypocrite and […]

Falling in Love With Jesus

How do you fall in love with someone you have never met in a way deeper and more meaningful than those you have spent your entire life with? How can you fall in love with someone without conversation? Certainly we have his words and a record of actions that show he indeed first loved us. […]