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I have to brag on some of you for a little bit. I am constantly amazed by the quality of what is being written on a daily basis on Christian blogs all over the world. What amazes me even more is that some of you stop by here in spite of the fact that there are better things to read in other places!

Have a look at these worthwhile posts:

Bob Bliss examines Ministry Commercialism.

Bobby Cohoon, the link king himself, with some memorial day thoughts.

Doug’s series on Ezekiel continues.

Frank Bellizzi on Female Deacons.

Wade Hodges on Mental Accounting.

Danny Simms and Twine.

Danny’s blog reminds of a trip to Honduras when we found a ball of twine and we started making all kinds of twine references. We started renaming songs: Have Twine on Way. In short, we found ways of making the word twine fit everywhere. You should try it some time. It is more entertaining than you might guess.

Finally, Terry Rush talks about effective outreach.

What else can we brag about? What interesting posts have you run across lately?

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