Global Warming Indoctrination

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I was at Borders with my wife the other day. We were looking through the Christianity section and decided to have a look at the kids books. Right in the middle of the children’s books was something that caught my eye. It was Al Gore! It wasn’t a book of nursery rhymes. It wasn’t a life-sized cutout. It was his controversial book An Inconvenient Truth: The Crisis of Global Warming! The publisher? Viking Children’s books.

I was flabergasted. How incredibly indoctrinating to place that book among the children’s literature. You may believe that humans cause global warming or you may not but it is certainly not documented scientific fact. The scientific community is split down the middle on this issue and has not reached a consensus. But there it was right in the middle of the children’s books. You would think that the same guy who just came out with The Assault on Reason would have enough common sense to toss some disclaimers out there and not push unproven theory and scare tactics on children.

Before Bobby V hits me with 50 pages of how important the earth is 🙂 I want to take this opportunity to say that regardless of what you think about global warming (which is happening, the question is whether it is cyclical or if it is caused or significantly increased by mankind) we do have a responsibility to take care of the earth. I just think that we have a lot better reasons to do so than global warming. Ever sense the very first man, we have been entrusted with an awesome responsibility of taking care of the place we live in. I do believe in preserving the earth and being environmental friendly to a point but not for the same reasons as the global warming crowd.

For the other side of the discussion on global warming have a look here.

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  1. If he really believes all this I think you are right. If he is just in it to make a buck, which from what I hear there is proof that he is, then of course he wouldn’t run for that measly salary when he can speak at different venues and sell books.

  2. I have little use for the sensationalism of Al Gore. And I agree there are better … theological … reasons for caring for God’s creation. That is what we are called to do.

    That Humanity has had an incredible impact on the earth, its environment and ecosystems is beyond any reasonable doubt in my mind. When the water is unfit to either drink or PLAY IN then something is awry!! Pure greed runs most anti-environmental efforts (in my opinion). But I believe environmentalism can also PRODUCE jobs …

    Here at PV we have a true scientist (a couple of them in fact) formerly head of the Physics Dept at the UofA. Dr. Don Huffmann. He was runner up for the Nobel Prize in Physics a couple years ago. He knows his stuff. He is not in Al Gore’s camp. And when he says that there is a “problem” I am willing to hear the man out.

    Bobby Valentine

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