Nearly Have the Bugs Worked Out

I am almost there in having the bugs worked out. I finally got my blogroll up to date and am trying to figure out how to add html to the sidebar without having to pay. I guess you have to upgrade and edit the CSS. Sorry for those of you I left off the sidebar earlier. If you teach Bible classes there are many good links in the page tabs at the top of the blog to have a look at. I am going to continue organizing and improving these to make them as user friendly and easy to navigate as possible.

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  1. Adam G. says:

    Good luck with this. Like I said back on your other blog, I’ve hated having my mission blog on WordPress, and am planning to get mission supporters moved over to Igneous Quill soon.

  2. mattdabbs says:

    There is only one thing I don’t like so far and that is the inability to use javascript on the sidebar. That means my Zhubert bible/greek search doesn’t work any more and I really don’t like that. But everything else is working better than with blogger. I really like what you have over there at igneous quill. You have really done a good job with it.

  3. Adam G. says:

    That seems to be one of the problems I had with WordPress. You seem to be getting some sidebar widgets in, though. I never could with WordPress. Isn’t there a pretty low limit on photo uploads on WordPress, too? Thanks for the kind words about Igneous Quill. It’s not exactly a hotspot on the blogosphere, but I enjoy doing it.

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