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Gmail Offer

May 8th, 2007 · No Comments · Links

I wanted to offer a courtesy to any of my readers who would like a gmail account to let me know and I will send you an offer. Gmail is a great service and a wonderful way to do email. I can only give one to the first 50 takers and we will see from there. Here are some links to check out.

Rob Bradshaw has a 3 part full text of F.F. Bruce on Gospel.
Bob Bliss contemplates better ways to incorporate scripture into worship.
Bob Cohoon talks about being pro-life.
Dee Andrews gives thanks in all circumstances.
Mark Elrod celebrates 10 years of blogging and 200,000 hits.
Mark Goodacre talks about the discovery of Herod’s tomb.
Bobby Valentine continues his thoughts on heaven.

I hope you have had a blessed day!


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  • ME

    I’m just getting the hang of g-mail and I really like it. I may start using it as my primary account.

    BTW: I’m celebrating 10 years of having a webpage and 200,000 hits on my blog. The blog has only been around since October 2006. But thanks for the shout-out.

  • Mark

    Is the “Gmail Offer” kind of like “Pascal’s Wager”?

  • mattdabbs

    Slightly more complex than Pascal’s Wager but yes, similar.

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