Established 33 A.D. – 2

The last humorous post of the day. I mentioned a while back that some churches have a plaque that talks about them being established in 33 A.D. Well, now you can have your own T-shirt to let the whole world know. It sure is hard to pull those buildings around for people to see those […]

How Much Difference Can One Word Make?

We have been upgrading our church library for a few months now. A recent purchase finally came in from the UK after waiting over a month for it to arrive. It put a look on my face that I wish I had a picture of when I opened it up. I had ordered Abraham Malherbe’s […]

$2 million and no warranty?

And now a break from our regularly scheduled program. The famed General Lee is up for sale on Ebay. Better hurry up while it is a steal at just over two million dollars. Or buy this one for only $1000 complete with exhaust snorkle and wench.