Thankful in Adversity – Please Pray

One of our members is really struggling with cancer. She just got some results back that did not look good at all. She has the most amazing attitude and only focuses on everyone else even though she is going through so much. Tonight she told my wife that when she got her results back the first thing she thought was she would never get to babysit our children. Missy and I don’t have any kids yet but one day we will and she keeps telling us how much she wants to be a part of their lives. She is one of the most unselfish people I have ever met. Please pray that she will be able to live long enough to babysit our children some day.

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  1. Neva says:

    Praying right now


  2. lisa leichner says:

    I’m sorry I missed this smaller post earlier. I will be praying too.

  3. swinona says:

    I love when God fills our lives with amazing examples of what it is to be a Christian. We will be praying for her.

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