Memories of Heaven

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After reading some thoughts on moving here, it got me thinking about how many of our memories are attached to places we have lived. I grew up in a little town called Union, Missouri just west of St. Louis. I spent the first 13 years of my life in a little ranch style house on 20 acres. After we moved, I hadn’t been back to that house in over 10 years. My wife and I visited that house a couple of years ago and it was amazing how many memories came flooding back. There were things that I could have never pulled up from my memory had I not been standing in the very places those things had taken place.

My wife and I now live in our very first home that we have ever “owned.” Actually Countrywide mortgage owns most of it but we like to call it our own. I am sure years from now we will have many fond memories of life in this house. There will be many more houses and many more memories but eventually we will our final dwelling. We will find peace and rest. In John 14 Jesus talks about a heavenly dwelling that has many rooms.

You know, when we get to heaven we aren’t going to be zombies. We will have memories and we will be forming new ones all of the time. Memories are linked to the past and maybe heaven doesn’t really have a time element but I am sure we will make memories there. Our past has helped make us who we are and our memory is our only connection to those things. I wonder what that will be like. Heaven is going to be such a wonderful place, I wonder what kind of memories we will have of years gone by in the heavenly courts. I don’t really know yet but I sure look forward to finding out!

I look forward to finding out how others felt when they first met Jesus face to face. I look forward to hearing memories of the emotions that were present when loved ones were reunited. I can’t wait for tears to be a memory and not a reality. I can’t wait to have memories of heaven because that means that life is already how it was always meant to be!

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