Kids Say the Funniest Things

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I have a nephew who is about to turn three who you can see in the picture to the right. My sister-in-law was telling us the other day about a couple of really cute things he said. He was sitting at the table and they were trying to get him to eat some vegetables before he could eat some other things. His response? “Now that’s gonna be a problem.”

They were at the table another time and they were trying to get him to eat something he didn’t like. My sister-in-law left him in the room by himself for a moment and heard him say to himself, “They can’t treat me like this.”

We were all at my parent’s house for Christmas. My nephew loves the Land Before Time (all 46 sequels!). The big green dinosaur is called “Grandpa.” We were trying to get him to learn all of our names because we don’t see each other often. When it came to learn that his grandfather’s name is “grandpa” he got this shocked look on his face and began to shake his head no. I realized my father may have resembled grandpa from the movie just a bit too much with his green sweater on.

What funny things have you heard kids say?

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  1. It wasn’t that funny, but it was cute and adorable. Once when I was sick and discussing the possibility of not being able to preach on Sunday, my then 4 yr. old, very seriously asked, “but who will tell the people about Jesus?”

    My heart and my wife’s heart melted.

  2. My little two year old grandson went to the Dr. today. They called his name over the loud-speaker with the room number he was to go to ….He looked up with a look of shock and said “who said that?”

  3. Oh, your nephew sounds TOO adorable!! You know I have a bunch of stories like that, but I can’t think of any I haven’t already blogged. I just keep cracking up over “They can’t treat me like this.” LOL!!!

  4. I had a friend at Harding who is now a missionary who thought that the song “Just a Little Talk with Jesus” actually said “Just a Little Chocolate Jesus.” I have a hard time singing that song now.

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