The Perfect Answer – Two Seconds Late

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Have you ever thought of the perfect answer for someone just a moment too late? I answered the phone today and someone wanted to know if we needed information on health benefits for the church staff. We had a good conversation and right when I hung up I realized what I should have asked him.

“Does your employer offer you any spiritual benefits? I mean, you specialize in health benefits and we specialize in spiritual benefits. Is there anything we could assist you with today?”

I wonder how that conversation would have gone.

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  1. You think like I do – that sounds exactly like something I would say to someone on the phone to generate a totally different kind of conversation.

    Too bad you didn’t think of it two seconds sooner, but save it and use it for the next tele-marketer type who calls you up. Actually, there are a lot of people you could use that with.

    And thanks for stopping by Grace Notes and leaving those two comments for Greg. I know he’ll really appreciate them.

    Drop by Finding Direction again soon, too!

    Cheers & Blessings to you all today! Dee

  2. If I think of it at all, the perfect answer comes to me two DAYS late. So don’t beat up on yourself too much, Speedy.

  3. I’m with Frank — I’m ALWAYS slow with the right response. I’m not sure I would have EVER thought of what you did.

  4. Very good thought, even if it was too late to ask it. I hope you don’t mind my using it the next time an opportunity such as that happens my way.

  5. They should have read “I always encourage people to use whatever they find here in any way they like.”

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