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Montel Williams is now the ultimate expert on how to build a healthy family. I think the first step must be to have families stop watching his show. You can have it now for just $44.95!

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  1. Matt,
    I know this comment is rather late, but what is wrong with Montel? I don’t watch his show and the only thing I know about it is bits and pieces I see in the ads I see for it.

  2. Like you I don’t watch his show regularly and for that reason I should probably be careful of what I say about it. As you can see here ( there are some redeeming ideas that they are pursuing. But there is also quite a list of things that most families would not want to imulate. I can get a list if you like. But we also must remember that we often expect non-Christians to act like Christians and are shocked when they don’t. I guess I would just rather get my advice on how to have a better family from a Christian.

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