Tomb of Jesus son of Joseph – links

I am sure you have all heard the hype by now about the tomb that was found 27 years ago with ossuaries in it that have several biblical names in one family tomb. The Discovery channel and James Cameron have come together to try to sound authoritative in making this out to be the actual […]

Appealing to our Senses

God uses a lot of sensory language to get our attention. He appeals to our sense of taste by calling us the salt of the earth. What does this saltiness do? It comes into contact with others and becomes a part of their lives. He appeals to our sense of sight by calling us the […]

Making a Difference

Well, after almost a week since the last post there has been progress made. I don’t want to go into all the details but I do want to ask for your prayers for those in the church who are really battling through some spiritual warfare. It is unreal what is happening in the lives of […]