Take Action-Evangelism Challenge

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When I started this blog, I wanted it to make a difference. I didn’t want it to be a place where we could sit in ivory towers and contemplate things with little spiritual impact on the world. I hoped that it would be a place Christians could be sharpened and hopefully even people reached in some way.

So here it goes…I am offering a challenge to you. I challenge you to post on your blog a committment that you will not post again until you have had a Bible study with a lost person. Ask your readers to pray for that effort. If you want, make your very next post after the study about how it went and any further prayer needs for that individual. I know that is kind of a personal thing and feel free just to pass it up. Or you could let blogging actually change the way you live and not just the way you think.

I am making a committment to not post again until I have sat down with a lost person and had a Bible study. This is not an effort to gain attention for myself but a way to motivate myself to study with some of the people I have been meaning to study with for the past couple of weeks.
Please pray for it to make a difference in the kingdom. God bless.

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