Florida Campus Ministry

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The state of Florida has some tremendous campus ministries. We just finished a weekend at Florida Bible camp in central Florida with campus ministries from around the state. There are some really great things happening that I will share more on later. The speaker was Kerry Cox from the Crossings church near St. Louis and he sure didn’t hold back. It was a tremendous blessing and as I said before here – the future is bright. More on this later.

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  1. There is a classic disconnect between knowing what to do and actually doing it, being hearers and doers, people of faith and people of action, good intentions and results, orthodoxy and orthopraxy, head and hands. Kerry didn’t hold any punches. His challenge is for us to do what we know to do. I thought this whole weekend was very illuminating regarding the CM scene in Florida, and evangelism in general. I think with more cross-encouragement, we can come up with more ways to turn our good ideas into things that we actually do.

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