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My wife and I officially have new slogans. I was doing an internet search for slogans and the first thing I found was this website. At sloganizer.net all you have to do is enter a word, name, phrase, or whatever and it generates a “meaningful or meaningless” slogan for you.

Mine was: “I believe in Matt Dabbs.” [I think I will opt for a different one!]
Missy’s was: “Missy. We build smiles.” [That one is pretty appropriate]

Since we are trying hard to get our lawn to grow I typed in Bermuda grass and got – “I want Bermuda grass”

Try it out.

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  1. Matt, Long time no write, glad to see things are going well for you and Missy. I am not sure if I knew her or not. Bob and his wife are doing fine, enjoying their 7 month old girl in Tulsa, OK as an Inner City Youth Minister. Just thought since I saw Daniel while googling his lead to yours, so I thought I would give some shouts out to you. Grace and Peace, Sarah (Logsdon)

  2. Hey Sarah,

    Glad you stopped by and took a moment to say hi. I hope everything is going well with you. I have some really good memories of you at Harding, including the time we weren’t going to talk to anyone for a day – that didn’t work well. I remember that time you gave me a box full of rocks for my birthday and the scripture from Joshua – a memorial of 12 rocks to remember God.

    Glad to hear Bob is doing well. He is such an amazing guy. Missy and I were just talking about him this week. We talk about Bob every now and again. Keep in touch and have a blessed day,


  3. I got “Travis. Die Form besticht. Die Technik überzeugt”
    I guess I should change it to English…
    Second try- “Travis – The Revolution”

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