Your thoughts…

I want to comment on the balance that I hope to attain with this blog. I hope this is a place you feel like you can come and learn more about God’s word. I also hope it is a place you feel safe to write your thoughts and ideas. Here is where the balance part […]

Ancient Near Eastern texts – Part 3

Ra and the Serpent Date: 2400 B.C. EgyptFrom comparing this online translation to others, I am not quite sure how accurate it is but it does get the general idea across. In this story, Ra, the god of the son, was the first thing in all creation. They believed that Ra created everything by speaking […]

“God and” or “God alone”?

As we have been looking at a couple of ancient near eastern texts that help us see how surrounding cultures tried to explain the world around them I want to mention this quote from Nahum Sarna in Understanding Genesis Since, according to pagan concepts, man’s destiny is controlled by two separate forces, the gods and […]