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I am about to run my own little trial run of wordpress here and see how it goes. For any of you who happen into this. What advantages and disadvantages are here and how does it compare to blogger?

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  1. I like WordPress visually and I like some of their tools. I have heard that the updated blogger is great but with the problems they had I never upgraded.

    I hear the bugs at blogger have been worked out so maybe that is all you need.

  2. I came to WordPress after time at “MyBlog”, Blogger, and WordPress seems to really have their act together. Great tools, tracking and an easy to use format. I hesitate to say that I have found a home, but so far I love it.

  3. I left blogspot becasue it changed and required some kind of Google account I didn’t want to mess with & there were several times that I could not publish articles for hours at a time. I have really enjoyed wordpress and glad I made the jump!

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