Happy New Year! (bonus: funny picture).

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Just want to wish all of you a blessed 2007!

I thought you would find this picture humorous. It is from a bank in St. Pete – FLORIDA! It always has the wrong time and temperature. The time is always 1 hour off (presumably never reset from daylight savings time – last October!). The temperature here in sunny St. Pete is certainly not -52 degrees (it was 80 at when this picture was taken on Dec 30th).

Every time this clock says the temperature it changes a couple of degrees. As I took this picture it went from -40 to -30 in about a minute and thirty seconds. If they can’t keep track of the time and temperature, I can’t imagine handing them money and hoping they will keep my balance right! I also think it is funny the advertise for jobs right under their incorrect time/temp. I wonder if they would hire people who had their application full of errors?

It kind of reminds me of the world. It tells us untruths/lies with the look of authority all the time. I mean come on, it’s a bank! That must be the right time…that must be the right temperature. Banks are trustworthy. They wouldn’t get it wrong. So we change our opinions. We change our views. We hear the lies repeated so many times and pass by the sign so often that we begin to believe it is true. We wear our parkas in Florida to stay warm because the sign says it is -30 degrees when all the while it is 86! Let’s have open eyes this 2007 to see what lies the world bombards us with. Let us live in 2007 with an appreciate for the timeless truth that comes from the gospel.

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