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Time With Our Shut-ins

December 20th, 2006 · No Comments · Ministry

The last couple days have been priceless. Sunday afternoon one of our LIFE groups got together and went Christmas carolling to two of our dearest shut-ins. One was the first preacher of our congregation 49 years ago. His name is Bob and he had a stroke last year at a Christmas party. He can still hardly speak and is making very slow improvements. He had not had a visit this big in some time. It brought him to tears…which brought the rest of us to tears as we sang. The last song we sang was “Silent Night.” When the last verse was sung, we hummed a line again while Will prayed over brother Bob. It was very moving.

Today we took CD players, HUGE cards signed by many members at church, and CDs of the past couple sermons to all of our shut-ins. Again, tears flowed and love showed and Jesus was certainly present. You will never witness the kind of love of another human being as we see on the spouses of those who are taking care of their disabled husbands and wives.

I felt totally spoiled today. I felt spoiled to be able to walk and chew and talk and hug my wife. I realize just how much I take for granted on a daily basis. My love for God and others grew today as I witnessed their love for God and others. I think I learned more about God today than in the last 10 books I have read about Him. I hope I have many, many more days like today.


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  • Lisa

    God bless you and the members of your congregation for finding meaningful ways to encourage your shut-ins. That is just wonderful. One more example of giving being better than receiving.

  • III

    Some members of our church went Christmas Carolling to some of our Shut-in’s & others on Sunday afternoon, too! I really sort of didn’t want to go at first: Sunday’s are really busy for me, and plus, carolling is like for those “hyper-happy” people, right? False! Probably encouraged me as much as it did some of the folks we sang for. It was a great time.

  • Stoned-Campbell Disciple

    Sounds like real ministry. I am sure you were blessed.

    Bobby Valentine

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