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Updated – with more updates to come.

Full Text:
The Universal Library by Carnegie Mellon University. This is a database of full text works that are no longer under copywrite law (normally based on date). That does mean these works are VERY dated but also can provide some really good resources or harder to find older resources all for free. Type in the word “commentary” and have a look at the 51 matches.

Perseus Project – This site has tons of ancient material including Classics in several ancient languages, papyri texts and ostraca.

Jewish Encyclopedia – This is the full text of the 12 volume (1901-1906) Jewish encyclopedia. There are over 15,000 articles.

New Advent – This site has all things related to the church fathers. There is a link to the Catholic encyclopedia (11,000+ articles). If you need the full text of something from a church father go here.

IVP New Testament Commentaries provides links to the full text commentaries.

Biblical Studies on the Web has a variety of full text resources/journal articles and links to many more resources.

PACE – Project on Ancient Cultural Engagement has everything from bibliographies to dissertations on subjects pertaining to the ancient world.

New Testament Gateway
This site by Mark Goodacre has an excellent variety of resources as you will see on the main page.

The Septuagint Online has all sorts of resources and texts.

Restoration Movement Texts – Just about any restoration author you can think of with full texts.

Greek Handouts – by University of Chicago professor Helma Dik

Zac Hubert – (Greek) I can’t believe I forgot to put this one in. It is one of the best tools out there. You can chart the occurance of words, get the full parse and literal definitions, and much more.

Greek Concordance – Zac Hubert’s Greek Concordance

Synopsis of the Gospels by Stephen Carlson shows the four gospels side by side in Greek and is color coded.

History of English Versions – This website has some decent information regarding the dates of various translations and some articles/reviews about those translations.

For a plethora of additional web resources see Dr. Allen Black of Harding University Graduate School of Religion’s compilation of internet resources. This will have a variety of websites that most of you will want to bookmark broken down into the following categories:

  • Annotated Guides
  • English Versions and Search Engines
  • Greek NT online (NA 26)
  • Hebrew OT
  • Early Jewish and Christian Texts
  • Commentaries and Dictionaries
  • Read Sections of Books Online
  • Maps
  • Images
  • Biblioblogs
  • Miscellaneous

I have tried not to duplicate what he has done and so you will find a lot of good things on his site.

Which websites do you use for Bible study and Bible resources?

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  1. Great posts.
    I have really enjoyed the loaded information lately. Keep up the great blogging and God bless.

  2. Thanks for those resources. We are doing a study on Galatians for our Wed. night adult class, & I wanted to have some commentary to study in between classes. I tried Bible Gateway & think I’m going to enjoy having that to supplement our study. Thanks!

  3. Zac Hubert is dead link.

    Thanks for the list. I have added some of them to favorites.

    I rely on google for much of my study resourses. Just put a phrase, verse of scripture, or a name in quotation marks and hit search and the volumes of the world are a mouse click away.

    Thanks Matt

    Grace and Peace,
    Royce Ogle

  4. Matt,
    Thanks for the resources. The “Lisa” listed above is my daughter. She’s a terrific Christian, Mom, Wife, and lady.

  5. Yeah, Dad, thanks. We’ve already introduced ourselves & compared some HU notes. I’ve even thanked Matt for welcoming the “new guy” to Florida!

    Sorry, Matt, for using your blog for Dad-daughter communication! đŸ™‚

  6. Zac Hubert link has been fixed. Thank you Royce for bringing that to my attention! And no problem about the father-daughter communication. That is what these things are for – keeping people discussing, communicating, etc. God bless

  7. Matt,

    I found your blog through John Dobbs’ blog. This list is great! I look forward to seeing further ones.

    God bless,
    Tim Archer

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