Some Ground Rules

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This is my very first shot at doing blogging. I hope it is a way I can communicate with old friends, connect with new friends and in the process help the cause of Christ. I appreciate your viewing this blog. I welcome any discussion on any of the posts you see here. Discussion is not best generated by a dedicated blogger endlessly ranting about obscure topics that no one is interested in. Rather, discussion is best generated by a healthy dialogue on topics of interest to both parties on an even playing field. That means topics here need to be done respectfully. Comments need to be made as positive as possible but not to the point that you do not feel free to disagree or point out flaws or problems with another post. I welcome your comments and appreciate your time.

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  1. Welcome Matt! Come visit my blog (click on the name as it appears). I look forward to all sorts of conversations. I have some of the same rules – I like a good argument, I have no problem with disagreement, I just don’t see where profanity and personal attacks achieve anything other than shutting down communication. Even if you don’t get around to my blog, or son’t think it’s your cup of latte, good luck and God Bless You, your family, and your ministry.

  2. Those are stupid rules.

    Just kidding. Good to see you’re up and running on the blog. Look forward to seeing how God uses you in your new ministry.

    Julie and I just moved to Texas. We’ll be preparing with our sponsor church for the next year or so for church planting. Woo hoo.


  3. Mark I acknowledge your rules but I have to regretfully inform you that I have no intention of keeping them…

    Just Kiddin, Glad you hopped in the sphere

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