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The Art of Having Conciliatory Theological Discussions – A Little Background

When I went off to Harding in 1997 I moved into Armstrong dorm with a roommate who I didn’t see eye to eye with theologically. One thing that brought our differences front and center was the fact that not only did we share a room but we also shared our very first college Bible class – Honors New Testament with Dale Manor. It wasn’t too uncommon for us to discuss in the room the things we discussed in class and eventually the conversation turned from friendly chat to full out, all in debate mode.

As we began to talk more and disagree more I knew I was going to win. In the Churches of Christ we have an answer for everything. I had learned the fine art of prooftexting from the best and I knew I could find a verse or two to back up everything he needed to believe to get it right. Now, I might have to ignore a few verses in my search and even hope that he doesn’t find those verses in his search…but may way had to come out on top because that is just how this was supposed to go.

On and on it went until the fateful evening of Jimmy Allen’s gospel meeting in the Benson auditorium. I asked my roommate if he was going to go. He didn’t give me any sort of definite answer and so I went by myself. What shocked me was that at the invitation I saw him go forward! I couldn’t believe it. I rushed down there and talked to him and he wanted to be baptized. Following the service we went out to the fountain and I baptized him into Christ in the frigid November waters of that fountain.

In retrospect I can’t help but see that God worked something amazing there not because of me but in spite of me. I had gone about the whole thing wrong. I had been combative, argumentative and hostile. I had decided that I was right…he was wrong and we were going to do battle until he conceded.

Since that day I have seen more times when God has worked his best in spite of my best efforts to mess things up. When I took up blogging in 2006 there were times I reverted back to the old debate mode…ready for a fight…ready to prove myself right and everyone else wrong. In the process I learned that I still have much to learn and that my assumptions are not always as sharp or correct as they seem.

Over the next few posts I am going to talk about a few lessons I have learned while discussing things on my blog, in social media and in person. If all it does is help me process a few of these things…that is great. But I think there is more in store as we can all share insights on how to discuss things in a conciliatory fashion…still holding onto our core beliefs and values while still being kind and considerate to others. I look forward to hearing how many of you do that successfully.

Harding Lectures 2013 Now Online Free via Itunes University

Many of you might be interested to know that Harding University has posted their 2013 Lectureship at Itunes University free of charge! This was Harding’s 90th Annual Lectureship and the theme was the Sermon on the Mount. You can also find several years worth of past lectures. A few highlights to point out: K5 –Continue Reading

What Continues to Impress Me About Harding University

are the people. When I visited Harding back in High School what convinced me that it was the place for me were the people. Everyone was so kind and so real. Harding people impacted me as much if not more than anything I studied there. That continues to be the case. In our time atContinue Reading

Harding Lectureship 2013

Anyone out there going to the Harding Lectures that start on Sunday? The theme is the Sermon on the Mount. I haven’t been back to Harding in about 10 years so I am excited to see all the changes that have taken place. I am going to be teaching a few classes on 20s &Continue Reading

Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty Chapel Talk – Nov 28, 2012

Here is a link to Willie Robertson, of Duck Dynasty, Chapel Talk at Harding from today. It would be tempting to say this is really good just because he is famous. But really, this is really good because there is spiritual substance to it and several life lessons worth hearing. After watching this, it willContinue Reading

Bruce McLarty Talks About His Recent Appointment as the Next President of Harding University

Thanks to Bobby Ross and the Christian Chronicle for this interview with Bruce McLarty. It is important that we let Dr. McLarty lay out his vision without assuming we know his conclusions before they are made and/or communicated. From the contact I have had with Dr. McLarty in the past I was always struck byContinue Reading

Bruce McLarty is Harding’s New President

I just saw mention of Bruce McLarty being Harding’s new president. Thanks to Dr. Burks for the two decades of dedicated service. He will be a tough act to follow. Dr. McLarty will do an excellent job. Like this:Like Loading…

Harding Digitizes Jim Bill McInteer Sermons

Thanks to Harding University for digitizing this huge collection of Jim Bill McInteer sermons! Here are the links Digital Audio from the 1970s-2000s Sermon Outlines Thanks to Mark Adams for pointing this out Like this:Like Loading…

Campus Ministry United Audio

Wes just posted audio from CMU last week. This includes lessons from Patrick Mead, Kerry and Robert Cox, Orlando Henlon, Monte Cox (not related to the other two Cox’i), Benson Himes, and Lynn Stringfellow. Should be some really good and practical stuff. Listen here Like this:Like Loading…

Prescription for Sexual Sanity

This has to be one of the best sermons done on having a healthy view of sex and sexuality. I believe this is from the 2001 Harding Lectures and it is by Don McLaughlin from the North Atlanta Church of Christ. I can’t remember if it was Philip or Daniel who brought this tape toContinue Reading


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