Hope Network and the Power of the Interim Season

You may or may not know that my blog is a part of Wineskins and our network of Christian authors. Each month we run ads in order to help us keep things up and running and improve the quality of our content and production. This month we are running an ad from Hope Network. WeContinue Reading

Barriers to Movement and Growth – Here is My Prayer

When you listen to Jesus teach about the kingdom, we find over and over that the kingdom (by design) grows…exponentially. Growth is intertwined in the double helix of kingdom DNA. So what happens when growth isn’t occurring when growth is part of kingdom design? I don’t necessarily mean numerical growth. I mean kingdom growth. KingdomContinue Reading

It is Time to Let the Fear Go

God did not put us in this world to live a life of fear. The more you get to know God the more you come to realize that God has made preparations for things 1000 years from now…and for today too! Often our fear comes from uncertainty and our apparent lack of control. The goodContinue Reading

The Wisdom of Making Complex Things Simple

Once you have read 5000 pages on the meaning of the gospel it is really easy to have a concept of the Gospel that is not easy to state in a simple manner much less share in a way others can share it. I cannot stress the importance of study nearly enough. Study is essentialContinue Reading

Keys to Christian Unity: How to Find Unity in Diversity

Christian unity is something we know God wants and yet seems elusive if not impossible. How do we find unity among so much diversity? How far from the scriptures can someone go before they are no longer part of the family? What do we do with differences of interpretation by people who all love Jesus?Continue Reading

Introducing Discovery Bible Study – A Key to Growing Movements

In the last 9 months I came across an approach to studying the Bible that I want to make you aware of. It is called “Discovery Bible Study (DBS)” It has been around for quite some time and I have no idea how this slipped past my Bible study radar. Once I learned about it,Continue Reading

Let’s Go Back to the 1950s…in this Regard

We need to go back to the 50s in one regard. Church planting. The 40s-60s were the pinnacle of Church of Christ church planting. It has decreased every decade sense. The current path is unsustainable. This isn’t a complaint. It is an encouragement. We MUST normalize church planting. Congregations weren’t planted to last forever butContinue Reading

This is When the Church Grows

The church grows when God’s people become more concerned about the fate of the lost than they are concerned about the comfort of the saved. If we love our traditions more than the salvation of the lost, we will fail to reach them. If we think our goal is perfect worship, we will fail toContinue Reading

HOPE Network: Mentoring Leaders. Guiding Churches

Written by Grady D. King, D. MinHN Co-Leader His voice reverberated with frustration and weariness. As an elder for a declining church in a changing neighborhood, what are their options? Her voice quivered as she described the depth of her loneliness in ministry. As the children’s minister, she was isolated, does anyone care? Our eldersContinue Reading

What We Look For When We Read the Bible Influences What We Find

I was once in a discussion about women passing communion on Sunday morning. One brother’s “gotcha” verse (that only men can serve the Supper/pass trays) was Acts 6:1-4, “In those days when the number of disciples was increasing, the Hellenistic Jews[a among them complained against the Hebraic Jews because their widows were being overlooked inContinue Reading


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