There is plenty to go around but how much of it is yours to own? Blame. It is the gift we want to give but not receive…dispense freely but never hoard. Blame Blame sets you free when you hand it to someone else but feels like it imprisons you when you hold on to it.Continue Reading

One of the Most Dangerous Trends Today and 10 Tips to Counteract it

The dangerous trend is the rush to judgment without the facts. We react. We react quickly. We react repetitively. Our minds are being trained to view and respond, view and respond at such a fast rate that our accuracy is drastically diminished. How many different social media posts do you think your eyes scan inContinue Reading

A Discipleship Exercise

I want you to picture in your mind this scene from the Gospel of Matthew, “18 As Jesus was walking beside the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon called Peter and his brother Andrew. They were casting a net into the lake, for they were fishermen. 19 “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I willContinue Reading

Jesus and Compound Miter Saws

One of my favorite blog posts of all time was one I did in 2017 on how to put a spring back in a Ryobi 10 inch compound miter saw. I was changing the blade one day when a little spring fell out. It was the spring that pushes the guard out of the wayContinue Reading

From Disciple to Apostle – Their Shift is Our Shift

Jesus didn’t just teach his disciples. He also sent them out to teach what he taught (the kingdom) and do what he did (heal people). We see this in the sending of the 12 and the 72 in the gospels. In Matthew 10:1-2 we get a very interesting shift in language, ” Jesus called hisContinue Reading

Book Review: Jesus’ Economy by John Barry

John Barry was a chief editor at Logos/Faithlife Bible software. He ended his stint with Faithlife in order to work with the poor all over the world and create sustainable business models to help get people out of poverty. He started a non-profit called Jesus’ Economy and has now combined his ministry with his writingContinue Reading

Pushing Past Fear and Pain

We often get paralyzed by anticipated pain. We become fearful and avoidant. It is often easier to anticipate failure than success and there are times when in the short run we will fail more than we will succeed but whoever told you life was a 10 second sprint was lying. It is a marathon…an ultra,Continue Reading

The Neglect of Calling and Neurotic Faith

I can’t remember hearing much about calling growing up. The older I have gotten the more I have realized our need to have a biblical understanding of calling. It has been our neglect of this principles in Churches of Christ that has been a part of our own insecurity of our salvation. I don’t haveContinue Reading

Albert Einstein, Relativity and the Value of Making Complex Things Simple

There are a number of things I would like to increase my understanding of. One of those things is the theory of relativity. So I did what I normally do, picked up a book that seemed like the perfect book to answer these questions for someone who isn’t an expert. I purchased “Relativity: The SpecialContinue Reading

Christmas Grief

After all of the times I have recognized the need to be sensitive, that not everyone is celebrating the holy-days, this year was especially tough. Dad died last year on December 26th. It was the first Christmas without him. When your parent dies it feels like you got automatically registered for a special club thatContinue Reading


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