Does God Still Speak Today?

This story has built my faith. It has taken me a while to feel comfortable sharing it but I have come to a point of letting go any sense of pride associated with it because it wasn’t of myself, it was all of God. But pride is a tricky beast that is hard to letContinue Reading

Do We Over Complicate Discipleship?

Some people have a lot of reservations about discipleship. I think it boils down to two things: 1) our church culture – We live in a time of experts. Ministry has been delegated or relegated to professionals. This means we expect ministry to be done in a particular way: on a quarter system, administrated byContinue Reading

If You Ever Wanted to Write But Never Started – Start Here

I have so many relationships and connections through my writing. I cannot imagine what things would be like if I had never started 12 years ago. All of you have taught me so much. The conversations have been so rich. When you create, good things happen. Blessings take place. Lives are changed. None of thisContinue Reading

Jesus Cares About Failure Less than We Do

People fear failure more than they fear death. Fear paralyzed people from making needed changes to improve their quality of life. It is fearing trying and failing more than not trying. We need to get comfortable with failure. Jesus doesn’t mind if we fail as much as we mind if we fail. I know thisContinue Reading

The Most Important Question to Ask Church Shoppers When they Visit

There is a great feeling seeing someone new at church. You are excited they came. You are excited they showed interest. But them coming to your church may be the worst thing that could happen, not the best. Here is why…

Church Co-Dependency Characteristics

In her book, Codependent No More, Melody Beattie makes clear being co-dependent “does not mean we’re bad, defective, or inferior. Some of us learned these behaviors as children. Other people learned them later in life. We may have learned some of these things from our interpretation of religion…most of us started doing these things outContinue Reading

An Invitation to Lipscomb’s Summer Celebration (June 26-28)

I am really excited to highlight an event that is going to make a big difference in the kingdom – Lipscomb’s Summer Celebration. This will be my first year to attend an event that I have wanted to go to for some time and this will be my first year to teach a class! IContinue Reading

Church Co-Dependency & Naming Elephants: Fellowship

Did you know if you commented on the last post in the affirmative, chances are someone took note? There is a segment of our fellowship that marks people. They decide who is and who isn’t in fellowship. That idea isn’t entirely unbiblical when done biblically but it isn’t done biblically. We have publications that makeContinue Reading

Church Co-dependency & Naming the Elephants: Tradition

In my previous post on Co-dependent Churches: A Major Barrier to Change I talked about how we have several elephants in the room. Let’s talk about them more specifically. We have a real problem with tradition. It shouldn’t be this way because we have always been about the scriptures and criticized other groups for theirContinue Reading

Bringing the Generations Together By Dr. Holly Allen

Holly AllenChair, InterGenerate ConferenceProfessor of Christian Ministries & Family ScienceLipscomb University, Nashville, TN Throughout much of Christian history, the whole body of Christ, that is, all the generations, met together for ministry and worship as well as for most other gatherings; intergenerationality was the norm. However, in the last several decades, all but the smallestContinue Reading


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