Praying for Spiritual Breakthroughs

I believe 2020 will be a year of spiritual breakthroughs…at least that is what I am praying for. We are going to have to break from our fear. We are going to have to break from our comfort. We are going to have to break from tradition. We are going to have to break fromContinue Reading

Do We Think God is Working? It Changes Everything!

One of the fundamental questions we have to ask is this – do we really believe God is still at work in the world? I believe the vast majority of us would say, yes. The followup question is, does our leadership and ministry approach reflect this? Are we operating as if God isn’t doing much.Continue Reading

4 Resources for Preachers on a Skinny Budget

You know I love resources. I received the following article from Bob Turner. Bob is a friend of mine and librarian at my alma mater – Harding School of Theology. Whether you are preaching, teaching or just enjoy studying…here are four resources you will want to be aware of. By Bob Turner As a theologicalContinue Reading

Christians and Care for the Environment – How I Changed My Mind and What It Means for Us Today

I have a lot of questions when it comes to man-made global warming and the affect humans have on things of that scale. When anything like this gets politicized, I get skeptical. I can say this – I have changed my mind on the need for Christians to be concerned about God’s creation. When IContinue Reading

When was the Last Time…

Your heart was moved during worship? Was it a particular song? A lesson? A time at the Lord’s table? We are a brainy bunch more than a hearty bunch. It is far too easy to emphasize reason and become emotionally disengaged in worship. If we are to love God with heart and mind it onlyContinue Reading

You Follow Me

My friend who taught me a lot about theology back in grad school, Mark Powell, recently shared some thoughts at Wineskins that I want to put here as well. I believe it will bless you and give you clarity on why we don’t all get the same treatment from God. By Mark Powell It isContinue Reading

Expert Advice on Protecting Our Kids from Predators

If you have young kids in your home like we do you know that it is paramount that you keep an eye out for your kids. We do all kinds of things to protect our kids from things. Many of us have spent countless hours up at night on google diagnosing weird symptoms, convinced ourContinue Reading

Integrity and Compromise

Would you want to drive your car across a bridge that said “Max weight 5 tons*” and in the fine print it read “Bridge integrity may vary by 5 tons in either direction”? Some of us have too many tolerances – variability we allow that makes us unpredictable, unreliable, and untrustworthy. Integrity is the longContinue Reading

Hard and Hopeful Words About Our Future in Churches of Christ

Decline. It’s the word of the day. Most of our congregations are in decline. The projections are that the decline will get faster over time. But that isn’t a foregone conclusion. God can do whatever he wants whenever he wants. With God, all things are possible. It seems to me that it does help ifContinue Reading

Announcing My New Podcast!

Hey everyone! Big news on the blog today. A few weeks ago I launched a new podcast that I thought you might really enjoy. Similar to this site we will be doing a lot of informing, equipping and discussing things about church, faith, ministry, discipleship, and so much more. I would be honored if youContinue Reading


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