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A Few Articles I have Written at Wineskins

I have been writing a bit more at Wineskins recently than here on the blog. That isn’t intentional just the way things have worked out. It is going to be a busy next few months but I intend to keep things up here a bit better than I have over the last few weeks. Here are a few of my most recent posts over at If you aren’t following Wineskins, I would suggest you check it out!

Old Testament in Acts: Something We are Told to Pay Attention to

Women in the Acts of the Apostles

Pepperdine Bible Lectures 2016

Acts 4: The Power of Fear and God’s Greater Power

Acts 3: Symptoms and Solutions

Acts 2: Understanding Pentecost and Covenantal Connections

Are We the First Century Church?

“In my former book” connecting Luke-Acts

Wineskins Facebook Page

Just a heads up for those who may not be aware of it. If you want updates on our Wineskins’ sites…you will want to “like” our Facebook page. We post links to all the posts that those affiliated with Wineskins write as well as other articles and information we believe will be of interest toContinue Reading

Modernism, Postmodernism, Deconstructing Authority, the Church and Politics

This is my latest post at Wineskins. I post it here as well because it is a followup to my last post on modernism and postmodernism – Modernism, Postmodernism, Deconstructing Authority, the Church and Politics Give it a read when you have a couple of minutes. It might help you make sense of a fewContinue Reading

My Post Over at Wineskins

I wrote something over at Wineskins that I wanted to make you all aware of. Here is the link – Shawshank, Selma and Churches of Christ.

Book Giveaway: Enter the Water, Come to the Table By John Mark Hicks

We are giving this book away tomorrow at noon eastern on the Wineskins Facebook page. Just click over to the page, like it if you haven’t already and then comment on the top post about the giveaway. Thanks for reading! Click here for the giveaway

Everyone Has a Story – Determining Who Gets the Pen

Today’s post is also over at Wineskins. It is a followup to yesterday’s post on metanarratives…hope you find it helpful. Blessings! Everyone has a story – determining who gets the pen

My post over at Wineskins

I posted today over at Wineskins about our story…I hope you find it beneficial Everyone Has a Story – the Prodigal Son and Identifying Your Metanarrative

Praying Scripture

I just posted something that will be of interest to some of you on praying scripture over at Wineskins — “Bono Gives us a Lesson on Praying the Psalms” Try out the exercise at the end of the post and see how it works for you.

List of November Wineskins’ Posts on How to Read the Bible

We had some excellent articles written at in November about the Bible. If you have a few moments you may want to look through any of these that interest you. Re-examining How We Read the Bible By Matt Dabbs Reading the Bible and the Bible Reading You By Josh Graves My Bible is CrowdedContinue Reading

Wineskins’ November Issue Just Kicked Off

on how to read the Bible…here is the intro post for the month: Re-examining How We Read the Bible Join the conversation and share thoughts and insights that have been helpful to your study!


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