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Crazy Crocodile Video

I have never seen anything like this before…

Huge Great White Shark Off the Coast of Australia

Mother Talks About The Blessing of Her Blind Baby Boy

This is really touching… I don’t know if it was because I saw this super late at night after a tiring day of working on our bathroom or what but I nearly shed a tear. is an Excellent Online Resource

We just started using Right Now Media to get curriculum in the hands of teachers and church members. One thing you run into when you run a small groups ministry is that it is nearly impossible to use video curriculum because you have to buy a ton of copies so each group can have theirContinue Reading

Flight of the Conchords – The Issues

Yo Gabba Gabba – Don’t Bite Your Friends

After all the posts on hell I thought I should post something more whimsical. You can only post so much on the topic of hell before you feel the need for watching some Yo Gabba Gabba. This one is called “Don’t Bite Your Friends” In case you missed There’s a Party in My Tummy thatContinue Reading

Optical Illusion of the Year 2011

Have a look at this optical illusion that won the prize, Optical Illusion of the Year, 2011. You focus on the tiny middle white dot. When it all rotates the dots are still blinking but the harder you focus on the white dot you can’t see them blinking at all. Pretty cool if you areContinue Reading

The Moth Joke

Do you have four minutes to spare? 🙂

Bob Newhart – Stop It

Great video from Mad TV. I used this last night to intro our class on Matthew 6:25-34

Ferrari 458 Crash – Hope the Truck Owner Had Good Insurance

Caught this on our local news here in Tampa Bay. Do any of you know what happens f your insurance covers $100,000 and you crush a $300,000 vehicle are you liable for the difference? I guess that truck owner will find out. Ouch.


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