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10 Predictions About the Future of Churches of Christ

Just posted this over at Wineskins and thought some of you might find it interesting or might want to comment on it –

Three Audio Sessions on Young Adult Ministry from Spiritual Growth Workshop 2014

I know a lot has already been said at nauseum online about young adults and that they are leaving the church in droves. The reason I am posting this is not to try to add one more voice among the millions but to start a conversation on what it means to be a healthy churchContinue Reading

Mature Christian Relationships are Mutual

In a few hours our mission team will be on a plane flying back from Costa Rica. Prayers are appreciated. Pray also for the churches here in Costa Rica that God will use them and grow them in mighty ways. One of my favorite things on this trip has been the mutuality between our teamContinue Reading

More Costa Rica Updates

This trip has been a blessing to our team and to the church here in Palmares. What has been so beautiful has been the mutuality and reciprocity of the blessings. We have given if ourselves to them and them to us. The love of God is here among us and it is powerful. It isContinue Reading

Costa Rica Update

This week a team from Westside is in Costa Rica helping the church we support. We have had a great time as a team handing out flyers in the community, meeting the church, and teaching. I taught Friday on the reliability if the New Testament. Today we fund raised for an orphanage and filmed someContinue Reading

If you aren’t reading this month’s you are missing out!

I know I keep talking Wineskins here on the blog. One more for you…this month’s theme on weakness and vulnerability has been especially moving and I encourage you to check it out. I am sure it will touch your heart –

Congregational Lessons from Disneyland

We are at Disneyland today and as usual the experience has been exceptionally good. 99 times out of 100 Disney knows how to give people a memorable experience…answering your questions before you ask them, putting finishing touches on everything imaginable and paying attention to details you will probably never notice. Churches need to pay attentionContinue Reading


Do any of you have your own podcast? I am considering starting one for weekly sermons and wanted to know if any of you have any pointers on getting started. Also, who are the people you listen to via podcast?

Merry Christmas

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for the blessing you have been to me and for all the great conversations we have had on the blog. My time in this blog has been shortened the last few weeks as I have been working on the new site. I am veryContinue Reading

Personal update

Blogging has been slow in the midst of a lot of transition in our lives. We have three weeks left in Florida before moving to preach and minister at the Westside Church of Christ in Bakersfield, CA. We are very excited about what God is working out in our lives right now as we closeContinue Reading


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