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Calm Like Jesus – I Have So Much to Learn!

Jesus exuded calmness. You could say it was because he loved so completely. Or maybe it was because he trusted God so deeply. Another factor might be he knew his identity and mission and no one was going to stop him from it, not even the devil himself. Jesus was calm. I cannot say thatContinue Reading

A Video Tutorial on Reading the Bible Better in Churches of Christ (Parts 1 – 4)

I am working through some tutorial material to get more out of Bible study via YouTube. There are a lot of people out there who get stuck in their Bible reading. They can’t make sense of something and have a hard time moving ahead. Or maybe they don’t know the bigger story of the BibleContinue Reading

What do Comfort Zones Have to do with Eternity?

The fact that there are areas we don’t allow our comfort zones to be stretched that can have eternal consequences. Imagine all the people we resisted speaking to about Jesus because it might make them uncomfortable. In most of those instances that isn’t really the case. It was never about their comfort and all aboutContinue Reading

Just 10 people

Just give me 10 people. 10 people who know what they are supposed to do. 10 people who are available to do it. 10 people who are convicted. 10 people who are bold. 10 people committed to a better future for our churches. 10 people who will clear out some of their schedule to discipleContinue Reading

Discipleship and Our Busyness Problem

You know the people Jesus turned away from following him were turned away because they were too busy with other things on their minds. Field to check out. Father to bury. Etc. If people were too busy for Jesus then they certainly are today. While we don’t have Jesus directly walk up to us andContinue Reading

How to be a Non-Anxious Presence

Those people in your life who exhibit this trait really stand out. They stand out because it unusual and admirable. It is a different way of living, being and seeing. They see others from a non-threatening, non-fear based perspective. How do you get there? Prayer Fasting Dialog with those who make you anxious Following JesusContinue Reading

Ten Serious Questions for Serious Disciples of Jesus

Who has my full attention? Who do I view with judgment? How often do I pray for my enemies? Would others around me know I follow the Lord? Why or why not? Who or what is my life lived in submission to? Do my relationships have any connection with the Christ? What do I doContinue Reading

10 Paradigm Shifts for Churches of Christ

I hope and pray this generates a much needed discussion not just online but in our churches and with church leadership. We want to pose solutions rather than point out problems so this serves as a follow up video to the Churches of Christ in decline video. Now I want to talk about some thingsContinue Reading

Does God Still Speak Today?

This story has built my faith. It has taken me a while to feel comfortable sharing it but I have come to a point of letting go any sense of pride associated with it because it wasn’t of myself, it was all of God. But pride is a tricky beast that is hard to letContinue Reading

Brainstorm: If you were writing a discipling curriculum what would you include?

Please share your thoughts in the comments. I envision it following Jesus’ discipling process and topics in the Gospels. I think it would also need to equip the discipler to be flexible in the study. Be interested in the other person so you ask good questions and know lesson 2 doesn’t always follow lesson 1.Continue Reading


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