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Proactive communication – anticipate the gaps and fill them

People don’t like living with gaps in their knowledge. We seek wholeness and our minds attempt to make wholes out of pieces. In the absence of information people will take the pieces they have and created information to fill in the pieces they don’t. Good leadership and communication seeks to minimize the gap by providingContinue Reading

Great time at the 2015 Pepperdine Bible Lectures

Last week was exactly what Missy and I needed…a few days being uplifted, encouraged and instructed at Pepperdine. The theme this year was on the book of James with an emphasis on practice.  It was also great catching up with people and making new friends as well. Thanks to everyone who made last week amazing!Continue Reading

In the Bible Courage is Almost Always Based on Two Things

As I was working through where the word courage is mentioned in both Testaments, something really jumped out. There were two things that came up over and over again as the reason for the courage we are to have. Here are some verses to consider in both Testaments to give you an idea of whatContinue Reading

Closing Out 2014

Just a quick thank you to everyone who has been a part of the blog in 2014. It has been a fantastic year, full of challenge, growth and adventure! The blog has fallen relatively silent as of late as I have had opportunity to catch up with friends and family over the last few weeks.Continue Reading


Humility has to be one of the most difficult qualities to embrace and exhibit. We live in a constant battle to prove ourselves and appear more than we really are. We like to appear in control. We like the image of having it together but the honest to goodness truth is that none of usContinue Reading

10 Predictions About the Future of Churches of Christ

Just posted this over at Wineskins and thought some of you might find it interesting or might want to comment on it –

Three Audio Sessions on Young Adult Ministry from Spiritual Growth Workshop 2014

I know a lot has already been said at nauseum online about young adults and that they are leaving the church in droves. The reason I am posting this is not to try to add one more voice among the millions but to start a conversation on what it means to be a healthy churchContinue Reading

Mature Christian Relationships are Mutual

In a few hours our mission team will be on a plane flying back from Costa Rica. Prayers are appreciated. Pray also for the churches here in Costa Rica that God will use them and grow them in mighty ways. One of my favorite things on this trip has been the mutuality between our teamContinue Reading

More Costa Rica Updates

This trip has been a blessing to our team and to the church here in Palmares. What has been so beautiful has been the mutuality and reciprocity of the blessings. We have given if ourselves to them and them to us. The love of God is here among us and it is powerful. It isContinue Reading

Costa Rica Update

This week a team from Westside is in Costa Rica helping the church we support. We have had a great time as a team handing out flyers in the community, meeting the church, and teaching. I taught Friday on the reliability if the New Testament. Today we fund raised for an orphanage and filmed someContinue Reading


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