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How to Study the Bible Effectively

To be a disciple means to follow Jesus’ teachings. Following his teachings requires us to be in the Bible daily. Here is one approach to getting more out of your Bible study. Here is the study guide I mentioned in the video. Download here.


Sometimes our boys will tell us how much pain they are in, usually in their legs. We tell them these are “growing pains.” There are pains we have to endure in this life if we are going to grow. Leadership cannot focus on pain avoidance but on picking the right path and sticking with itContinue Reading

Discipleship on Instagram

I hate self-promotion. I really really do. So I have to check I myself here and make sure first things are first. One of my favorite things to do, the place where I thrive, is creating and sharing resources. I recently started an Instagram account as one more means of getting out this discipleship message.Continue Reading

Jesus’ First Move – The Call

We made a bad move many years ago. We largely rejected the idea of Calling. It sounded too Baptist. It sounded to denominational. It sounded to Calvinist. It was, like some other things in our theology, the product of reactionary doctrine rather than solid interpretation. It isn’t that I agree with Calvinism but we canContinue Reading

DIY How to Make Two Taekwondo Belt Holders Out of a Single Piece of 2X4 Plywood

As our boys approach Black belt we found ourselves with belts all over the place. We wanted to find a way to display them and after much looking online at various methods we decided this was something we could make ourselves. The following instructions involve power tools. As always take all proper precautions and followContinue Reading

Not Everyone Jesus Called Followed Him

There were people who believed in Jesus but never followed his call. At the end of Luke 9 (vs 57-62) we find a string of people who have interactions with Jesus but who all decide not to follow him. The first man offers to follow Jesus saying, “I will follow you wherever you go.” JesusContinue Reading

The Dangerous Side of Discipleship

Anytime we set up hierarchies we set up the possibility of abuse. Church is no different. Discipleship is no different. Discipleship often involves a more mature believer discipling a new or less mature believer. It doesn’t have to be that way but typically it is. With that comes the ever present temptation of abuse. TheContinue Reading

Pushing Past Fear and Pain

We often get paralyzed by anticipated pain. We become fearful and avoidant. It is often easier to anticipate failure than success and there are times when in the short run we will fail more than we will succeed but whoever told you life was a 10 second sprint was lying. It is a marathon…an ultra,Continue Reading

The Neglect of Calling and Neurotic Faith

I can’t remember hearing much about calling growing up. The older I have gotten the more I have realized our need to have a biblical understanding of calling. It has been our neglect of this principles in Churches of Christ that has been a part of our own insecurity of our salvation. I don’t haveContinue Reading

Albert Einstein, Relativity and the Value of Making Complex Things Simple

There are a number of things I would like to increase my understanding of. One of those things is the theory of relativity. So I did what I normally do, picked up a book that seemed like the perfect book to answer these questions for someone who isn’t an expert. I purchased “Relativity: The SpecialContinue Reading


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