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Social Media and the New Responsibility

We live in the most technologically advanced time in the history of humanity. This is true of so many areas of life. It is especially true of communication. 

It wasn’t that long ago when instantaneous communication was impossible. Before the telegraph you had to send a message via pigeon or horse or ship. Sailing covered the most ground and even that took time. Horses could travel upwards of 25-30 miles in a day. Ships could cover up to 100 miles in a day if conditions were good.Today we have the luxury of immediate communication. Both situations come with equally important but differing responsibilities. The ancient’s bore the responsibility of faithfully delivering a message in the face of storms, pirates, bandits, etc. Today our responsibility is to become better listeners, not just better talkers. Imagine when you had to wait weeks to hear back. When you finally got a reply you might pour over it even cherish it and write a very deliberate response. Immediacy diminishes our perceived need for being deliberate.

More and more I see conversations where no one is listening. Empassioned points are made and offense is taken but the reality is someone didn’t really care enough about what you actually think to ask you for yourself. Instead expedience is added to our already expedient and the shortcut of assumption and presupposition fills the gaps in understanding. It is unnecessary. We aren’t waiting on a boat or a horse or a pigeon. We can ask. We can listen. We are not left to guess. People will appreciate someone actually asking what they believe rather than making things up and stereotyping people. 

We can do better. The tools are all there. We just have to use them.

How would your social media use and what you post change if you had to wait 24 hours before the reply box was available? What if it took a week or two? There are some things I know I wouldn’t have posted. I doubt I am alone. 

Let’s learn to listen. That is going to take slowing down. It starts with me.

Multiple Email Notifications for New Posts at Kingdom Living

This post serves two purposes. First, sorry about the multiple emails you have been receiving when new posts go up here at I believe it is now fixed. The second purpose of the post is to test and see if it is actually fixed. Please bear with us! Thank you for your patience.

Enjoying Pepperdine Lectures 2016

The Pepperdine Lectures are over halfway over or maybe they are only halfway underway. I have been enriched by our time here so far. N.T Wright has done an amazing job. Fate Hagood’s keynote last night was timely and from my perspective was key in speaking into where Churches of Christ are today. I hopeContinue Reading

The Holy Spirit’s Role in Jesus’ Miracles

Throughout scripture the Holy Spirit has enabled people to do amazing things. The Spirit empowered several of the judges to do the mighty things God called them to do (Samson and Gideon to name a few). The Holy Spirit came on Saul and enabled him to prophesy (1 Sam 10:6-10). The Holy Spirit enabled theContinue Reading

Merry Christmas

I hope each one of you has a Merry Christmas and a great 2016. The birth of Jesus reminds us that God is interested in everyone from shepherds to kings and locals to those from distant lands. We are reminded that we are indeed loved by God and truly special in His sight.  So beContinue Reading

Proactive communication – anticipate the gaps and fill them

People don’t like living with gaps in their knowledge. We seek wholeness and our minds attempt to make wholes out of pieces. In the absence of information people will take the pieces they have and created information to fill in the pieces they don’t. Good leadership and communication seeks to minimize the gap by providingContinue Reading

Great time at the 2015 Pepperdine Bible Lectures

Last week was exactly what Missy and I needed…a few days being uplifted, encouraged and instructed at Pepperdine. The theme this year was on the book of James with an emphasis on practice.  It was also great catching up with people and making new friends as well. Thanks to everyone who made last week amazing!Continue Reading

In the Bible Courage is Almost Always Based on Two Things

As I was working through where the word courage is mentioned in both Testaments, something really jumped out. There were two things that came up over and over again as the reason for the courage we are to have. Here are some verses to consider in both Testaments to give you an idea of whatContinue Reading

Closing Out 2014

Just a quick thank you to everyone who has been a part of the blog in 2014. It has been a fantastic year, full of challenge, growth and adventure! The blog has fallen relatively silent as of late as I have had opportunity to catch up with friends and family over the last few weeks.Continue Reading


Humility has to be one of the most difficult qualities to embrace and exhibit. We live in a constant battle to prove ourselves and appear more than we really are. We like to appear in control. We like the image of having it together but the honest to goodness truth is that none of usContinue Reading


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