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Pushing Past Fear and Pain

We often get paralyzed by anticipated pain. We become fearful and avoidant. It is often easier to anticipate failure than success and there are times when in the short run we will fail more than we will succeed but whoever told you life was a 10 second sprint was lying. It is a marathon…an ultra, ultra marathon and the only way to succeed is to keep pressing toward the goal. It is one step in front of the last until you arrive at the goal.

We anticipate failure and the costs that come with failure: relational, financial, our ego, etc. However, the pain of being paralyzed by that fear comes at a far greater cost than the pain of risking it and failing. What’s more…you might just succeed and success comes with a whole new set of considerations when it comes to fear and pain.

Sometimes we even fear success. We fear it because it will require more of us and it seems easier to stay right where we are then own up to a new level of challenges.

What you are doing right now already comes with its own pain and discomfort. The more you try to avoid reality the more painful things become. So manage your fears and embrace the pain that comes from pursuing what is best rather than settling for something less because somehow you think that you are avoiding pain in doing so. You aren’t.

It’s time to move ahead.

The Neglect of Calling and Neurotic Faith

I can’t remember hearing much about calling growing up. The older I have gotten the more I have realized our need to have a biblical understanding of calling. It has been our neglect of this principles in Churches of Christ that has been a part of our own insecurity of our salvation. I don’t haveContinue Reading

Albert Einstein, Relativity and the Value of Making Complex Things Simple

There are a number of things I would like to increase my understanding of. One of those things is the theory of relativity. So I did what I normally do, picked up a book that seemed like the perfect book to answer these questions for someone who isn’t an expert. I purchased “Relativity: The SpecialContinue Reading

Christmas Grief

After all of the times I have recognized the need to be sensitive, that not everyone is celebrating the holy-days, this year was especially tough. Dad died last year on December 26th. It was the first Christmas without him. When your parent dies it feels like you got automatically registered for a special club thatContinue Reading

New Lesson Download – Acts and the Early Church

I do a lot of lesson writing and as I do I try to write them in a way that they can be re-used by others. So here is the latest lesson series uploaded to the site – Acts and the Early Church. This series attempts to connect various aspects of history (biblical and extraContinue Reading

Merry Christmas

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a great 2019! Thank you for reading this site and hopefully as well. We are looking forward to making 2019 a wonderful year, sharing more great content from a variety of writers, thinkers, and scholars. May God shower upon you His richest blessings as we turnContinue Reading

Why Does it Bother You?

Why is it some things bother you more than others? It isn’t always a logical/analytical answer that is obvious. There are some pesky things that bother us more than things much more serious. Often we are bothered most by others on the things we struggle with the most ourselves. When those things rear their uglyContinue Reading

It Depends on What Your Goal is

If you want to be comfortable, don’t expect to grow. It all depends on what your goal is. If you want well reasoned positions and beliefs then be prepared to be made uncomfortable. Those are only formed through severe testing and severe testing by its very nature is uncomfortable. The people who have the bestContinue Reading

What Topics or Texts Would You Like to See Covered at Kingdom Living?

Time for some feedback. I would love to hear your questions and topics you would like to have a conversation about. Please comment below with your thoughts and I look forward to engaging you in some healthy, biblical conversations in the near future.

Bible Study Tip #5 – Getting to Know the Bigger Story

The Bible doesn’t read like a typical continuous or chronological story. It just isn’t organized that way and that can be very confusing when you start studying the Bible. Think of the Old Testament in three sections: The story (Genesis-Esther), wisdom and poetry (Job-Song of Songs) and the prophets (Isaiah-Malachi). If you read Genesis –Continue Reading


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