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Let’s Go Back to the 1950s…in this Regard

We need to go back to the 50s in one regard. Church planting. The 40s-60s were the pinnacle of Church of Christ church planting. It has decreased every decade sense. The current path is unsustainable.

This isn’t a complaint. It is an encouragement. We MUST normalize church planting. Congregations weren’t planted to last forever but the last few generations have lived with little concern for starting new churches.

There are exceptions. But what is mainstream is to not think about or plan new churches. That won’t work. We won’t be around in 100 years at the pace our movement (which has become a placement) is on. Again, not a criticism. Just an observation/reality.

Church planting must become mainstream. It must. We need to dream and plan and do. Just like they did in the 50s.

Let’s get back to the church planting enthusiasm of the 50s just with a healthier theology.

HOPE Network: Mentoring Leaders. Guiding Churches

Written by Grady D. King, D. MinHN Co-Leader His voice reverberated with frustration and weariness. As an elder for a declining church in a changing neighborhood, what are their options? Her voice quivered as she described the depth of her loneliness in ministry. As the children’s minister, she was isolated, does anyone care? Our eldersContinue Reading

Critiquing Kanye – It Says More About Us than Him

Imagine if you had been a Christian for all of three minutes when the whole world got to judge your theology? Sadly, I am not surprised the critics have come after Kanye. It is what they do. Sadly, I am not that surprised that Christians have come after Kanye, it is what some do. IContinue Reading

Love First: Ending Hate Before It’s Too Late By Don McLaughlin

By Don McLaughlin “Perfect love casts out fear.” We learn early that some people seem to get the idea of love better than others. I’m not suggesting that I have met anyone who is perfect at loving God, themselves, or others, but it does seem some are very committed to perfecting the way they love.Continue Reading

Two Free Resources To Encourage and Equip You!

First, ACU’s Summit wrapped up and they have quite a bit of the content online on their YouTube channel. I wish I could have gone this year so I have been waiting on these videos! Here is that link – ACU Summit 2019 There is also a free webinar called, “Rock Solid Theology for DiscipleContinue Reading

Partner with Us to Help This Blog Create Better Content

I added an amazon referral link on the right sidebar. If you are going to purchase something on amazon and get there through that link this site will get a small commission of the purchase price of what you spend. That will help make our content better as we are working on purchasing equipment toContinue Reading

Light bulb on Commitment: Program-based Ministry vs Disciple-based Ministry

As I continue to work through learning disciple-making there are a number of light bulb moments that are happening along the way. Many of these are several puzzle pieces finally coming together to make a coherent picture. Thom Rainer wrote a great book a number of years ago called High Expectations. His premise was thatContinue Reading

Breaking the Neck of The Bottle Means No Going Back

“Now the Passover and the Festival of Unleavened Bread were only two days away, and the chief priests and the teachers of the law were scheming to arrest Jesus secretly and kill him. 2 “But not during the festival,” they said, “or the people may riot.” 3 While he was in Bethany, reclining at the table inContinue Reading

Break the Jar – No Going Back

I had never tied together the woman who poured perfume on Jesus to prepare his body for burial and the very next story, the last supper. In Mark 14, Jesus is in Bethany at Simon the Leper’s house when a woman comes in with a very expensive jar of perfume (worth a year’s wages –Continue Reading

The Pharisees’ Real Issue May Not be What You Think it is

For most of my life I thought the Pharisees’ issues were legalism and hypocrisy. I could relate with both. The more I consider them the more I think those two things are symptomatic of a much deeper and even more troubling issue. Here it is. Self-sufficiency. They thought they had it figured out. They didn’tContinue Reading


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