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Technology Makes Putting Up With Difficult People Harder

One of the “advantages” of technology is that you don’t have to put up with people or content that you don’t want to hear. You can just click the “ignore” button and it all seemingly goes away. You don’t have to deal with it, think about it or respond to it. Don’t like the email you got? Junk it. Don’t care to respond to that text…ignore it. Is someone trolling you online? Go some place else… When there are billions of options to choose from you can pretty much find your niche of people in a little corner of the web who agree with you and where people pretty well get along. In life there aren’t billions of options…instead, people are placed in our lives and we have to deal with them. Some are so graceful and easy and others are a lot more difficult, even mean sometimes. You can’t ignore them. You can’t blog them. You can’t push a button and make them go away. The internet is not the best resource for growing your patience, learning to put up with people you disagree with or a great classroom for being kind. The real world gives us plenty of opportunities to grow in those areas if we are willing to engage people, even those we disagree with, in kind and loving conversation.

Microsoft, Facebook and Fixing Things That Aren’t Broken

We recently upgraded all of our computers to Office 2013. The biggest problem we have run into so far is with Powerpoint. Older versions of Powerpoint had something called “Presenter View” where you could see what slides were coming up, click on any of them and get their quickly. Well, Microsoft just ruined it all.Continue Reading

How to Change Your Firefox Address Line into a Google Search Engine

One of the things I like about Chrome is that you can just type anything you want into the address line and it “googles it” for you. Well, you can do that in firefox too. Here is how you do it (HT). 1 – Edit about:config by just typing that into your firefox address lineContinue Reading

Dear Microsoft Word…Please Add This Feature

Dear Microsoft Word Developers, I use Word just about every day. There are many times I am typing something and decide a part of the text needs to be made into a document of its own. It would be great if you could select the text, right click it or have a menu option underContinue Reading

What Would Your Ministry Look Like If You Didn’t Have a Computer or Smart Phone?

How do you answer that question?

Techneticism: Where Technology Meets Asceticism

The internet is a fascinating place. There are so many people out there saying so many interesting things. There is so much going on that it is easy to feel like if you don’t constantly check things and contribute to the “conversation” that you are going to miss out on something. It was bad enoughContinue Reading

Leaked Apple iphone 5 Promo Video


Fotosizer – A Useful Tool for Quickly Re-sizing Multiple Pictures

Sometimes I need to re-size multiple pictures all at the same time. The tool that I have found that does this best is called Fotosizer. You can pick individual pictures or even a folder and it will re-size every picture in that folder and put the new images in the destination folder of your choice.Continue Reading

Got My First iphone – Comment With Any Advice Below

My blackberry curve all but died on me so I have replaced it with an iphone 4. I am trying to figure this thing out so all of you guys who are whizzes with this thing feel free to offer up your advice and suggestions in the comments. What free apps do you recommend? WhatContinue Reading

The Internet is Showing Us What It Thinks We Need to See…Google & Facebook Algorithms are Biasing our Search Results

I ran into this concept for the first time a couple of years ago. I did a search for “small group lessons” on google and found my blog had the #1 link. I was stunned that I was first and Willow Creek was #2. But being the skeptical person that I am I did aContinue Reading


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