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10 Commandments of Scripture Interpretation

Thanks to Steve Puckett for pointing this one out over at Out of Ur. It is a pretty decent list to at least be familiar with if you preach or teach. Actually, if you preach you should already have somewhat of a handle on these 🙂 10 Commandments of Scripture Interpretation

Learning to Motivate

Pretty frequently Missy asks me how I know different random facts. She thinks I should go on a game show and put my knowledge of useless information to work for our family. Information motivates me. Because it motivates me it is the way I usually try to motivate others. Present the information and people willContinue Reading

Bible Class Archive – More Additions

The Bible Class Archive of free Bible class curriculum stands at 999 pages and over 300 lessons! I just added a new lesson series in from Tim Archer on his book Letters from the Lamb. I will also be adding in several lesson series in the coming weeks by David Chadwell of the West-Ark ChurchContinue Reading

Where Do You Get Your Bible Class Material?

For those of you who teach or are in ministry I am curious where you get your Bible class material from: Do you typically write it from scratch, adapt the work of others or purchase curriculum? If you purchase it, where do you usually buy it from (which website or brick and mortar store). WhatContinue Reading

The Sweet Spot of Preaching and Teaching

If you remember back to Psychology 101 there was a term called the “Zone of Proximal Development” that boils down to an ideal zone of learning. If you try to teach someone by telling them things they already know they won’t get much from it. If you go way over their head and teach thingsContinue Reading

Bible Class Archive Now Active

A new tab has been included at the top of the blog called “Bible Class Archive“. This is a place we will be posting Bible classes and studies free of charge. I have already included several studies and will be adding more over the next few weeks. I also expect to get submissions for thoseContinue Reading

Would You Be Interested in a Bible Class Archive?

Many of us prepare Bible classes on a regular basis. Once they are taught they sit on our computers for years with the majority never to be viewed again. Why not make those resources available to Christians all over the world and benefit many more people in the process. A typical Bible class may impactContinue Reading

The Benefits of Taking a Break from Bible Class Teaching

It is very important for Bible class teachers, even ministers on staff, to have a break from time to time. At least one quarter a year for paid ministers and two quarters a year for those not on staff need to be spent learning from others. For the first time in several years I amContinue Reading

God Works in Mysterious Ways

Today I noticed a link to this blog coming from a College in Hong Kong. The professor linked to this article on inductive and deductive teaching for his class on Teaching Strategies. I think that is exciting that some of his students are finding the blog through that link and what is more, the examplesContinue Reading

How Do You Motivate Once Guilt is Removed?

People still think of the Sunday morning service as the “have to” part of Christianity. There is no doubt about it in my mind. Why else would many churches only get 30-50% return, if that, on Wednesday night? Things that have led to our current situation: The motivation of guilt is being removed. Some usedContinue Reading


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